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Group Visits

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Any group (day care, church or camp) that wishes to visit the pool Monday through Friday is asked to be pre-approved prior to their visit due to impacts on the number of swimmers in the facility. Groups will be allowed to visit the pool between 1 and 5 pm when the main pool is open.

All pool rules and regulations, which apply to the general public, must be observed.   

All persons entering the facility are required to pay, whether swimming or not.

For children under 5 years, the ratio for children to adults is 5:1. For children 6 years and older, the ratio for children to adults is 10:1.

All adults must be in appropriate swimwear and be supervising their group from the pool deck or water at all times.

All participants must demonstrate the ability to swim unassisted. Any swimmer who needs assistance must wear a wristband for identification purposes to remain in the pool facility. The individual non-swimmers must remain in shallow water at all times.

Transportation must be readily available to remove the group at any time. (eg. - weather conditions or other problems)

Unscheduled groups will not be allowed to enter the facility. A group visit request can be completed and a future visit scheduled. 

Due to high demand and limited availability, each group is restricted to one visit per week.