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Meet Our Instructors & Personal Trainers

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Welcome to our web page featuring the exceptional Contract Instructors working at our facilities. Check out their certifications, qualifications and experience, along with some of the healthy benefits you and your family members will receive from taking their classes.

AMO Volleyball

AMO Volleyball covers all aspects of the game for athletes at any level. We pride ourselves in providing experienced coaches who are able to give personalized instruction, high intensity, and FUN! Our goals for each camp are to teach the fundamental aspects of the game (physical, technical, mental, and emotional), emphasize efficiency, correct technique, and increase volleyball knowledge in order to enhance each individual player.

phone: 972-695-9529

Attack Basketball

Attack Basketball is a year-round basketball program serving the Dallas, Texas area, geared towards developing youth in the game of basketball and in life. Master Trainer, Charlie Miller, not only played for the legendary Coach Bobby Knight in college, he also played Professional Basketball for 6 years. He has spent the past 7 years traveling the world, coaching kids holistically (mentally and physically) to be exceptional basketball players.


Doreen Bills - Power Up Yoga

Doreen Bills is the president and founder of Power-Up Yoga since 2003, with over 20 years of experience in the practice of Yoga. Her Power Up Yoga program was designed to be a new, up-tempo, easy to follow routine to perfect your technique. Doreen Bills was certified by the American Aerobics Association International, International Sports Medicine Association, and Yoga Alliance.

Using Doreen’s Power Up Yoga method, anyone at any level can practice power yoga! She is a premiere yoga class provider and well-known for leading energizing workouts. Your age, gender, body type doesn't matter - Doreen will surely make your experience worthwhile. Class with Doreen is the right place for you to invest your physical and mental health that will surely benefit you, even through your golden years. START POWER UP YOGA NOW AND FEEL GREAT!

Christina Campo - Fitness

Cristina is a certified Aerobics Instructor for over 30 years and a Personal Trainer for 25 years. She is currently certified by AFAA in Group Exercise, Step Reebok and Personal Training. She also received additional training in Hip Hop from Planet Funk, Yoga from AFAA and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. In June 2017, she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher certification from Yoga Alliance.  

Cristina enjoys teaches a variety of class formats including Step, Strength Training, Interval, Hip Hop, Latin Fusion, Tribal Fusion and Traditional Belly Dance, Yoga and Aqua Aerobics.  She is currently teaching “Step, Strength & Core” at the Rosemeade Recreation Center. This class balances step cardio intervals with upper body strength and wraps up with core conditioning for a very efficient use of your time.

Cristina loves to encourage and inspire others to improve their health and fitness levels with fun and motivational workouts.

Robert Garden - Painting

Robert Garden, of the Robert Garden School of Art in Irving, Texas since 1976 is an award-winning master artist whose works range from private galleries to museum murals.  Robert holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art, has received “Teacher of the Year” awards from various school districts and a curriculum excellence award from the Texas Education Agency. 

His revolutionary “You Can Paint” method of teaching beginners to advanced artist ages 5 to 105 is popularized through their books, television appearances, instructional videos, unique line of art supplies and numerous classes, workshops and camps for children and adults. 

Robert Garden is a recognized instructor for Boy & Girl Scouts of America where he offers special merit badge workshops throughout North Texas. Robert’s love of painting and travel has inspired him to lead numerous Painting Cruises and Annual You Can Paint Retreats where students can paint with him in exotic locations.

Jan Guinn - Stretch & Yoga

Jan has been a dedicated Yoga practicioner for several years. She is a certified Yoga, Pilates and Group Exercise instructor. She has also been certified as a Silver Sneakers instructor which qualifies her to teach exercise classes to seniors. Classes focus on improving strength, flexibility and balance, along with increasing range of motion. Her Aging Gracefully Yoga™ and Stretch classes at the Carrollton Senior Center are specially designed to meet the needs of older adults.

Scott Horwitz - Chefsville - cooking

Scott lived in the Washington DC area where his love for food began in his teens and his mentors were Julia Child, Jacques Pépin and Jean Louis Palladin.  Chef Scott sits as a member of the Dallas Coalition for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity, the Healthcare Commission of Collin County and on the program advisory board for Remington College School of Culinary Arts. Chefsville offers service learning opportunities to Remington College students, students of Collin County Community College, Le Cordon Bleu, El Centro, and The Art Institute of Dallas. Chef Scott lives in Texas with wife Sarah and his children, Christopher, Dorian, Timothy and Chelsea.

Allison Huntley - Music

Allison Huntley is a local piano and voice instructor in the Carrollton area. She works with many families to bring musical education into their lives that encourages creativity, brain development, and originality. She is a graduate from Berklee School of Music and has vast experience performing as a musician. 

Amir Khan - Keyboard and Music

Amir Khan is a professional composer and music educator with over 20 years experience as a recording artist and 10 years experience teaching music in a variety of positions. His recording works have been published by EMI International, Far East Peach (Japan) and Indie labels. In 2009, Amir completed advanced digital music production course from Berklee College of Music and holds an MBA in marketing from De La Salle University. Amir has been managing the keyboard/piano training program at the Coppell Aquatic & Recreation center since 2009. In 2011, Amir has introduced the keyboard/piano program at the Crosby Recreation Center in Carrollton and Community Activity Center in Flower Mound.

In addition to teaching piano/keyboard, Amir teaches digital audio workstation, music production and sound engineering. Currently, Amir has over 30 students ranging from ages 5 years to 55 years, from beginners to advanced levels.

Keyboard/piano program is a beginner program geared primarily towards children ages 5-14 years. Piano/keyboard is an ideal first musical instrument for children of any age. Being one of the easiest instruments to learn, children love the idea to instantly play simple songs. Research has shown piano/keyboard lessons help children in school, raise self esteem, increase coordination, help concentration and contributes to child being well-rounded.



Kidz Love Soccer

Kidz Love Soccer youth soccer classes are open to boys and girls of all abilities. Our field-tested, proprietary curriculum is fun and engaging and customized for kids of all ages. We offer high-energy classes specially designed to encourage a better SELF - Sportsmanship, Esteem, Learning and Fun. At the end of the day, we want all of our participants to love playing sports and feel good about their abilities.

LiveWire Fitness - Core Energy

Jennifer Reid, a marathoner, cyclist, triathlete and owner of LiveWire Fitness, understands the dedication and determination that it takes to get healthy and lose weight. After years of hitting the gym on her own, she decided to focus on helping others reach their fitness goals. She is an Elite Certified Personal Trainer and Indoor Cycling instructor from the nationally recognized Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Jennifer has worked with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak as an "off camera trainer" for the Health and Lifestyle TV show, The Revolution. Since she knows that nutrition is equally as important as exercise through her involvement with Weight Watchers, Jennifer is passionate about motivating and inspiring positive changes in her clients' workout program and their eating habits. Being physically fit has changed her life and she wants her clients to experience similar results.

Shane Ball is an Elite Certified Personal Trainer from the nationally recognized Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. As a cyclist, runner and triathlete, he knows the discipline it takes to achieve superior levels of fitness. Shane is no stranger to instructing class; when is not making clients work hard to achieve their fitness goals, he is in the classroom as a college professor. Shane greatly enjoys motivating those seeking fitness to perform at their optimal levels.

Brett Marcotte - Director of Tennis

Junior Program and Adult Teams - USPTA

Brett, USPTA Pro 1, has over 25 years playing and teaching experience. He is a former nationally ranked junior. After years away from the game, Brett returned to the game to play Div-1 collegiate tennis and compete professionally on the satellite tour. As a player, Brett won two Southern Sectional Championships. In addition to being a former collegiate head coach, he has extensive knowledge teaching players of all levels. Brett has served as the Director of Tennis at OCTC since 2009 and is the former head coach of Carrollton Christian Academy. Several of his students have gone on to earn college tennis scholarships and compete professionally.

Click here to email Coach Brett Marcotte.

Oak Creek Tennis Center information

Robert Margach - Karate

Robert has built a strong following through his many years of teaching, training, and competing in various martial art styles. He excels in teaching every type of student from top competitors to shy five year olds. He has taught in a variety of venues over the years including Texas School for the Blind, classrooms designed for at-risk kids, and martial art classes for elite competitors. Since 1991, he has taught martial arts in community facilities, allowing students to train in comprehensive, affordable programs with high caliber instruction. His goal is to help each student reach their personal best, inside and outside of the dojo. He created Red Tiger Karate to provide high quality programs that promote character development, physical fitness, and life skills for children and adults through the study of martial arts.

  • Began martial arts training in 1973
  • Certified Master Black Belt and Chief Instructor
  • Styles include: American Karate, Judo, Shotokan Karate, and Tae Kwon Do
  • Professionally teaching for over 20 years
  • Established Red Tiger Karate in 1999
  • Educational background: MBA and Bachelor of Science, Purdue University

Don McGehee - Indoor Cycling

Don has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Biology, Chemistry and Education with experience in health, fitness, and nutrition education since 1981. His advanced fitness and cycling training is from the Cooper Institute in Dallas. He has been the Indoor Cycling instructor and personal trainer for the Rosemeade Rec Centers. Don is an active outdoor cyclist and rides continuously during the spring, summer, and fall. He owns Health and Fitness Consulting in Carrollton, is a guest speaker at selected events, and regularly writes articles on health, fitness, and nutrition.

Benefits include weight loss, improved cardio/respiratory function, elite fitness, reduced dependence on medications, improved overall health, look and feel great, increased energy levels, greater strength and endurance. or 469-878-8535

Takao Nakaya - Karatedo

Mr. Nakaya graduated from the university of Takushoku in Tokyo, Japan (BA), holds a master degree from the late Chozo Nakama in Okinawa, Japan (Karatedo). He has been teaching at Crosby Recreation Center since 1975 and is the author of Karatedo History and Philosophy.

 Learn Karatedo together, the mental and physical aspects, the techniques of self defense, learn the history, the philosophy of self control, better understand your own self and make a peaceful life.

To contact Mr. Nakaya, email him at, or call 972-245-5731. 

Suchi Rao - BollyX

Suchi Rao has been interested in health and fitness most of her life. Actually she grew up surrounded by wellness!  Her father is a yoga teacher and both of her parents owned a health food store. When she works out on her own, her go-to is group fitness classes!  She loves the motivation and camaraderie.  

When she moved to Texas and started indulging her love for dance. She has learned and performed Bollywood, jazz and Indian classical dance (Kathak) in the Dallas-area. She then decided to combine her love for working out and dance to teach BollyX.  BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired cardio dance fitness.

Unleash your inner rockstar to amazing music from India! Class is open to all fitness levels. Modifications are always given in class, and you are also welcome to modify any movements you'd like.

Low impact BollyX class is taught at the Carrollton Senior Center.

Shadae Rogers - Dance

Shadae Rogers graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Dance Education and Sociology Studies. Her journey began in 2002 with a dance background ranging from dance and drill, collegiate dance teams, summer camps, professional auditions, collegiate fine arts performances and more. Shadae enjoys teaching Modern, Broadway and Stylistic Jazz, Dance/Drill Team and Hip Hop. Dancing has allowed her to discover her true passion; sharing an enthusiasm for both life and dance to the youth of today.

To contact Shadae, email her at

Skyhawks Sport Academy

40 years ago, Skyhawks had the vision that every child should experience the joy and benefits of sports. Skyhawks offers camps and clinics in more than 10 different sports, multi-sport programs, and even Mini-Hawk® programs tailored for athletes as young as 4-years-old.

Samantha Sparenberg - Senior Specialist

Samantha is certified by the Institute of Aerobic Research, Cooper Center, Dallas, Texas. She has earned certifications in Group Activity Leadership, Cardio Fitness (Aerobics), and Water Aerobics. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, focusing on training for function, strength and energy.

In her 25 years in the field of health and wellness, she has had multiple articles and columns published in local newspapers and magazines and continue to be available for public speaking events. She specializes in restoration of function in senior adults through weight training and therapeutic massage. Her program is aptly titled “Older is the New You”.

Samantha conducts the classes at the Carrollton Senior focusing on building a stronger core through intensive strength training. Samantha has been teaching at the Senior Center since 1995 and enjoying every minute of it!

Jill Sullivan - Water Aerobics

Jill Sullivan has certifications in CPR, First Aid, as a water aerobics instructor and as a lifeguard. She has been teaching water aerobics since 1984 and has been a middle school teacher (Health, Athletics & P.E.) since 2004. She has also been a college swimmer and coached and taught swim lessons.

Water aerobics are appropriate for all levels of fitness, all ages. It provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning as the heart is more efficient in water. Resistance and density of water improves strength and flexibility which leads to better muscle endurance and balance, leading to quicker results in fitness. Water’s buoyancy supports 80% of your weight so there is less strain on joints, back and torso, and participants are less likely to injure muscles, bones, or joints. Cool water in summer lifts mood and keeps body temperature constant. With total body exercise, you can move body in ways you could not move on land. More calories are burned in water than on land, a typical class burns between 450 and 700 calories per hour.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are available to work with you at the Senior Center, Crosby and Rosemeade Recreation Centers. Each personal trainer brings their own philosophy and unique style into formatting and individual personal training program. Individual sessions are charged at an hourly rate and each trainer's rates will vary. Contact the personal trainer of your choice to obtain information and schedule appointments.

For additional information about this program, please contact Cody Wager at 972-466-9834 or email

Tom Noune

Tom specializes in weight resistance training with baby boomers and seniors. He provides nutritional coaching and emphasizes the importance and benefits of proper stretching techniques.

$65/$60 hr

Kerry Stallo

Kerry specialized in corrective exercise and developing exercise strategies for older adults. Key programs included: weight loss, overall body conditioning, and increasing muscle strength.

$30/initial assessment
$50/45 min; $65/hr

Bradley Teague

Bradley’s goal is to motivate, encourage, and help clients reach fitness goals through exercise and the use of proper form to minimize injury. He will modify exercises according to client fitness, monitor progress, and give nutritional tips and recommendations to assist in goal achievement.