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Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda

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March 4, 2021
Briefing at 6:15 p.m. and the Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Telephonic Videoconference Meeting

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Webinar ID: 880 1949 0059
Passcode: 315323
Telephone: +1 346 248 7799

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A. Brief training for the Planning and Zoning Commission as regards the Board activity.

B. Staff will do a brief presentation on each of the items on the regular agenda. No public testimony will be allowed during the briefing.


The public may comment on items listed on the agenda for Planning and Zoning Commission action.


1.    MINUTES: Approval of the February 4, 2021 meeting.

2.    Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Part Of Lot 1A-R Of The Replat Of Lots 1 and 1A, Block I, Lots 2, 3R, And Part Of Lot 5R Of The Second Replat Of Lots 3R and 5R, Block I Of The Market Place At Trinity Mills And Part Of Lots 11A and 11B, 11DR And 11ER Of The Replat Of 11-D Of Trinity Mills Industrial Park, For An Approximately 24.6-Acre Tract On The South Side Of Trinity Mills And North Side Of Dickerson Parkway, Between Dickerson Parkway And Blanton Drive Establishing Lots 1-5, Block B Trinity Mills Station. Case No PLRP2021-006 Trinity Mills Station. Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.



3.   Hold A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Amending The Zoning To Repeal Five Special Use Permits Numbered 59 (1007 Palm Street), 96 (1028 Mac Arthur Drive) And 195 (2081 Hutton Drive Suite 206) For A Daycare Center; 95 (1406 Halsey Way) For A Private Television Transmitting Cable Company And 40-Foot Tall Tower; And 301 (4004 Midway Road) For An Automotive Detailing And Minor Repair Facility; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly. The Total Size Of The SUPs Is Approximately 5.8 Acres.  Case No. PLSUP 2021-10 Repeal Of Five SUPs. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

4.   Hold A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Amending The Zoning For A Certain Approximately 10-Acre Tract Zoned PD-122 For The (O-4) Office And (NS) Neighborhood Service Districts And PD-132 For The (O-4) Office District And Located At The Northwest Corner Of Josey Lane And Arbor Creek Drive; To Amend Planned Development District PD-122 By Removing Lot 2, Block A, Golden Trail Addition (Approximately 1.18 acres) From Planned Development District 122 And Including Said Tract With Lot 5, Block 1, Trinity Medical Center Phase II (Approximately 9.017 acres), In Planned Development District PD-132; To Rezone The Amended PD-132 For The (O-4) Office District To Allow Multi-Family Use; To Add Conceptual Plans; And To Provide For Modified Development Standards; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly. Case NoPLZ 2020-162 Avenida Carrollton. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.


a. Staff Reports



The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting will be closed to in-person attendance by the public. A temporary suspension of certain provisions of the Open Meetings Act to allow telephone or videoconference has been granted by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. These actions are being taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Telephonic and videoconferencing capabilities will be utilized to allow individuals to address the Planning and Zoning Commission. The meeting is being recorded.

Speakers must address their comments to the presiding officer rather than to individual Planning and Zoning Commissioners or staff and shall only do so when called upon by the Chair. State your name and address prior to beginning your remarks. Speakers will be allowed between 2 and 5 minutes for testimony. Speakers making personal, impertinent, profane or slanderous remarks may be removed from the meeting. In accordance with the State Open Meetings Act, the Planning and Zoning Commission is restricted from discussing or taking action on items not listed on the agenda.

Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, the Planning & Zoning Commission reserves the right to consult in a closed meeting with its attorney and receive legal advice regarding any item listed on this agenda.

The Planning & Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings may be held on the third Thursday of each month or as needed. If meeting date is canceled, postponed or rescheduled, notice will be posted at City Hall. The Planning & Zoning Commission follows the printed agenda.