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Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda

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Briefing Session and Meeting
October 1, 2020 – 6:15 pm
CITY HALL, 1945 E. Jackson Rd.

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Staff will do a brief presentation on each of the items on the regular agenda. The briefing session will be held in the City Council Chambers. No public testimony will be allowed during the briefing.


1. MINUTES: Approval of the September 3, 2020 meeting.

Public comments on items listed on the agenda for Planning and Zoning Commission consideration, except public hearing items.

Citizens/visitors should complete an appearance card located on the table at the entrance to the City Council Chambers. Speakers must address their comments to the presiding officer rather than to individual Planning and Zoning Commissioners or staff; Stand at the podium, speak clearly into the microphone and state your name and address prior to beginning your remarks; Speakers will be allowed between 2 and 5 minutes for testimony; Speakers making personal, impertinent, profane or slanderous remarks may be removed from the room; Unauthorized remarks from the audience, stamping of feet, whistles, yells, clapping, and similar demonstrations will not be permitted; No placards, banners or signs will be permitted in the Chambers or in any other room in which the Council is meeting. In accordance with the State Open Meetings Act, the Planning and Zoning Commission is restricted from discussing or taking action on items not listed on the agenda. Action can only be taken at a future meeting.


2. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Simmons Parkway Hayes Booth Additions, Lot 1, Block 1, Booth Industrial District, Lot 1, Block 1, Sandy Lake Road Development Company Addition, Lot 1, Block 1, Western Extrusion Addition, Lot 1R, Block 1, Harley Davidson Of North Texas Addition, Lot 1R, Block 1, Western Extrusions Corporation Tract, And The Right Of Way Abandoned By Ordinance 3950 (Simmons Parkway And A Portion of Booth Drive) For Tracts Totaling Approximately 64.4-Acres Located Along The South Side Of Sandy Lake Road And North Side Of Luna Road, Approximately 150 Feet West Of IH-35E, Creating One Lot From Several Tracts, Dedicating Easements And Right Of Way For The Booth Drive Cul-De-Sac. Case No. PL RP 2020-110 Western Extrusion Addition And Harley Davidson Of North Texas Addition. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.

3. Consider And Take Final Action On A Conveyance Plat Of Raiford Addition, Phase 3 For An Approximately 11.34-Acre Tract Located Approximately 800 Feet North Of E. Trinity Mills Road, Between Raiford And McCoy Roads. Case No. PL FP 2020-106 Raiford Addition Phase 3. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.

4. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of The Retreat At Carrollton Marchant Hebron Addition Block A, Lot 2R For An Approximately 4.31-Acre Tract Located At 4010 Nazarene Drive. Case No. PL RP 2020-107 Retreat at Carrollton. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.

5. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Thomas Place For An Approximately 19.977‐Acre Tract Located On The East Side Of Denton Drive And North Side Of Hutton Branch Creek. Case No. PL RP 20-109 Thomas Place. Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.

6. Consider And Take Final Action On A Technical Site Plan For The Grand Plaza Center For An Approximately 7.4-Acre Tract Located At The Northwest Corner of East Jackson Road and Old Denton Road. Case No. PL TSP 2020-096 Grand Plaza Center. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.


7. Hold A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Amending the Zoning On An Approximately 5-Acre Tract Zoned PD-218 For The (O-2) Office District And Located At The Northwest Corner Of Josey Lane And Walnut Avenue To Amend Planned Development District 218 To Revise Conceptual Plans And Modify The Development Standards Allowing An Other Individual & Family Services Facility With Ancillary Uses; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly.  Case No. Case No. PL Z 2020-108 Metrocrest Services - 2. Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.


The meeting is being recorded; if you have testimony, when called, please step up to the podium and give your name and address prior to your remarks. 

Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, the Planning & Zoning Commission reserves the right to consult in a closed meeting with its attorney and receive legal advice regarding any item listed on this agenda.

The Planning & Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings may be held on the third Thursday of each month or as needed. If the meeting date is canceled, postponed or rescheduled, notice will be posted at City Hall. The Planning & Zoning Commission follows the printed agenda.