Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda

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Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
July 5, 2018

CITY HALL, 1945 E. Jackson Road


 (Links below are to PDF files for individual case reports. Due to images, some files may be quite large. For best results, "right-click" and "save target as" to your own hard drive, then open the PDF file from there.)

The complete Planning and Zoning Packet can be found here.

Dinner is held in the City Conference Room 2W4 at 5:30 pm. BRIEFING session:  6:00 pm:  The work session is held in the City Council Briefing Room, behind the City Council Chambers. No public testimony will be allowed during the briefing or training session.

A Presentation Will Be Made To The Commissioners Concerning Code Enforcement During The Work Session.

Call Meeting to Order:  7:00 PM

1. MINUTES: Approval of the minutes of the June 7, 2018.


2. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Interstate-35 Joint Addition, For An Approximately 20.15 Acre Tract Located At 3301 North Interstate 35E Subdividing One Lot Into Two Lots. Case No. 07-18RP1 Interstate-35 Joint Addition. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.

3. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Cotton Belt West Industrial Park Addition Lot 5R Block 3, For An Approximately 2.65-Acre Tract Located At The Southeast Corner Of McDaniel Drive And Valwood Parkway Re-Subdividing One Lot Into Two Lots. Case No. 07-18RP2 Cotton Belt West Industrial Park Addition Lot 5R Block 3. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

4. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Elm Fork Water Treatment Plant West Addition, Phase 2, For An Approximately 160-Acre Site Located At 1801 Sandy Lake Road To Move A Lot Line Between Two Adjacent Properties And To Create An Adjoining Lot Of Legal Record. Case No. 07-18RP3 Elm Fork Water Treatment Plant West Addition, Phase 2. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

5. Consider And Take Final Action On A Replat Of Lot 3R, Block A Of Castle Hills Corner Addition For An Approximately 1.93‐Acre Tract Located On The Southwest Corner of Josey Lane and King Arthur Boulevard. Case No. 07-18RP4 Lot 3R1, Block A Of Castle Hills Corner Addition. Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.


6. Hold A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance To Establish A Special Use Permit For An Event/Reception Hall On An 6,847 Square Foot Suite Zoned (LR-2) Local Retail And Located At 3030 North Josey Lane; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly. Case No. 07-18SUP1 Salones Bel Air. Case Coordinator: Molly J. Coryell.

7. Hold A Public Hearing To Consider And Act On An Ordinance Amending The City Of Carrollton Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, Article V. Use Of Land, Article XX. Transit Center District Regulations, Article XXI. Special Use Permits, Article XXVIII. Special Conditions And Development Standards, And Article XXXIV. Definitions Of The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance To Amend, Add, Or Delete Definitions And Regulations Related To Alcoholic Sales and Manufacturing.  Case No. 07-18ZT1 Alcoholic Sales and Manufacturing. Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.


Staff Reports:
a. 2017 Annual Development Activity Report


VISITORS’ COMMENTS: Hearing of any citizen/visitor on items not listed on the regular agenda: Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, the Planning and Zoning Commission is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the agenda. Action on the issue can only be taken at a future meeting.

The Planning & Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month as needed. If a meeting date is canceled or postponed, notice will be posted at City Hall. The Planning & Zoning Commission follows the printed agenda.

On zoning cases, the Planning & Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council. The Commission's recommendation will be scheduled for City Council action approximately four (4) weeks after the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. On final plats, replats, preliminary plats, reapprovals of plats and certain miscellaneous development applications, action of the Planning & Zoning Commission is final. Please contact the Planning Department at 972-466-3040, via e-mail or visit our website if you have questions or need additional information regarding any agenda item.

This building is wheelchair accessible. For accommodations or signed interpretive services, please contact the City Secretary's office 48 hours in advance of this meeting at 972-466-3021.