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Proposed Zoning Changes

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 South side of Trinity Mills Rd. & Marsh Ln  Auto Zone  Allow auto and truck parts sales SUP  2020SUP 35  Molly J. Coryell  06/04/20 
 North side of Trinity Mills Rd. & west side of McCoy Rd. Residence Inn    Allow a new hotel  SUP   2020SUP 1X1    Michael McCauley 06/04/20  
 West side of Josey Ln. & North of Walnut Ave.   Metrocrest Services Allow Metrocrest Services to locate a new facility on the property Zoning  2020Z 4X1   Michael McCauley 06/09/20 
 South side of Hebron Pkwy at Furneaux Ln.  Sonoma House Amend the SUP to allow an office building  SUP 2020SUP 4X1   Michael McCauley  06/09/20 
 North side of Earhart, west side of Midway Rd. Dallas Dot Com  Indoor Used Car Dealership   SUP 2020SUP 34  Michael McCauley   06/09/20
 Southeast corner of Parker Rd. and Plano Pkwy. Essex Park  Requesting to allow reduced setbacks for front of homes Zoning   2020Z 2  Loren Shapiro  05/12/20
 Northwest corner of Plano Pkwy. and Warmington Dr. Kensington Place  Change zoning from Corporate Commercial to Single Family Homes  Zoning  2019Z X1  Loren Shapiro   05/12/20

P&Z = Planning & Zoning Commission;

CC = City Council;

SUP = Special Use Permit

The Planning & Zoning Commission & City Council hold public hearings on cases at 7:00 p.m., on the dates listed above, in the City Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall. If you are interested in any case, you have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the appropriate body at that time.

Or, you may mail us a signed letter which will be forwarded to the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council, whichever is hearing the case at that time.

For questions on a specific case, please phone the
case manager at 972-466-3040, or e-mail us.