Zoning Ordinance

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2019 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Combined, With Bookmarks
 Pertinent Individual Articles Below


Art. 20 Transit Center

Table of Contents

Art. 20.1 Corporate Commercial

Art. 2 Zoning Districts

Art. 20.2 Gateway Overlay

Art. 3 Zoning District Boundaries

Art. 20.3 Historic Preservation Overlay

Art. 4 Newly Annexed or Unplatted Property

Art. 20.4 Josey-Belt Line Redevelopment

Art. 5 Use of Land

Art. 21 Special Use Permits

Art. 6 Interim Holding

Art. 22 Nonconforming Uses & Structures

Art. 7 Single Family Districts

Art. 23 Adult Entertainment Establishment

Art. 8 Single Family Attached

Art. 24 Off Street Parking & Loading

Art. 9 Duplex

Art. 25 Landscaping & Buffering

Art. 10 Multi Family

Art. 26 Outside Storage & Display

Art. 11 Mobile Home Park

Art. 27 Performance Standards

Art. 12 Office

Art. 28 Special Conditions & Development Standards

Art. 13 Neighborhood Services

Art. 29 Completion of Existing Buildings

Art. 14 Local Retail

Art. 30 Permits & Certificates

Art. 15 Commercial/Warehouse

Art. 31 Changes & Amendments

Art. 16 Freeway

Art. 32 Board of Adjustment

Art. 16.1 Interstate Overlay

Art. 33 Planning & Zoning Commission

Art. 17 Industrial Park

Art. 34 Definitions

Art. 18 Light & Heavy Industrial


Art. 19 Planned Development