Case Status Overview

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Case Status: Open

The Carrollton Police Department is actively investigating your case. It has been assigned to a detective and you will receive further updates from your detective as the case progresses. 

Case Status: Inactive/Suspended

The investigation into your case has been suspended for one of the following reasons:

  • All investigative leads have been exhausted
  • A supervisor and detective have reviewed the case and it lacks sufficient solvability factors or investigative leads at this time.

Case Status: Cleared by Arrest

An arrest has been made in relation to your case.  Your case will be transferred to the appropriate District Attorneys’ office for prosecution.  You may receive further communication from the District Attorneys’ office for prosecutorial purposes. 

Case Status: Cleared by Citation

A citation has been issued in relation to your case.  This applies to Class C Misdemeanor Offenses and when a citation is issued, the case will be turned over to the municipal court for adjudication.

Case Status: Cleared Filed at Large

A suspect has been identified and an arrest warrant issued.  The case will be forwarded for prosecution when an arrest is made.  You will receive further communication from the appropriate District Attorneys’ Office after the arrest is made and the case moves into the prosecution phase. 

Case Status: Cleared by Juvenile Custody

A juvenile has been taken into custody or arrested in relation to your case. 

Case Status: Exceptionally Cleared

Based on the information available, criminal charges will not be pursued in this case.  In some cases, elements beyond the Carrollton Police Department’s control have prevented arrest or prosecution of the offender in this case.  These reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspect is in the custody of another jurisdiction
  • Death of the offender
  • Offender cannot be prosecuted because extradition has been denied
  • This case is being aggregated into another case
  • Prosecutor declined to prosecute this case
  • Lack of cooperation from victim in prosecution

Case Status: External Referral

This case has been forwarded to an external entity for action or investigation.  Examples of case referrals include:

  • Referral of the case to the Grand Jury of the County with prosecutorial jurisdiction for review and action.
  • Referral of a case involving a Juvenile to the appropriate authority
  • Referral of a case to the Law Enforcement Agency with appropriate jurisdiction

Case Status: Unfounded

Based on the investigation, the case has been closed for reasons that may include, but are not limited to:

  • The case does not meet the definition of a criminal offense by State or Local Statute
  • The case is a civil matter, not criminal in nature
  • Allegations of criminal activity are not supported by evidence