Guardian Lockbox Program

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 Guardian Lockbox is not a substitute for 911. Always call 911 in an emergency.

The Carrollton Police Department recognized a need to better serve our senior residents living alone who have a police, fire or medical emergency. That's why we created the Guardian Lockbox Program. 

The purpose of the program is to help first responders get into the house faster when a senior living alone is in emergency need of our help. In addition to expediting access into the home, the Guardian Lockbox Program will reduce the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders having to make a forced entry into the home while responding to an emergency call.

To be eligible for the Guardian Lockbox Program you must live in the City of Carrollton, live either alone or must be left alone on a regular basis, and be 60 years of age or older with a known documented medical condition that could render the participant incapacitated. Any questions about the program can be directed to the Neighborhood Policing Unit via email at

How to Apply

The eligible participant will complete an application through the electronic form below. An officer will review the application and contact the participant to complete the following steps:

  • The participant will provide a spare house key to the police department which will be placed inside the lockbox and the combination will be set by a Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO).The participant will not know the combination and will not have access to the lockbox.
  • The NPO will determine the best location for the lockbox that allows quick access for emergency responders but is not readily visible from the street or to pedestrians.
  • The lockbox will only be used during an emergency call and only after first responders have attempted to make contact at the door and have legal justification for making entry into the residence.
  • There is no cost to participate in the Guardian Lockbox Program.
  • The participant may withdraw from the Lockbox Program at any time by contacting the NPO Unit via email at The NPO will remove the lockbox and return the spare key to the participant.
  • Guardian Lockbox is voluntary, and all information is confidential.

*Apartments do not qualify for this program*