Property Evidence Section

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The primary function of this section is to provide for the security and control of all seized, recovered and evidentiary property as well as abandoned, lost or found property. Generally, Texas law governs how property is to be handled, stored, and released.

The property/evidence section handles 15,000-20,000 pieces of property/evidence annually. At the same time, the section is also responsible for maintaining the continued custody of items collected from past cases and the destruction of items in the case of adjudication.

The method of collecting and submitting property is paramount for the successful prosecution of a case. Officers follow guidelines for preparing, labeling and recording property. If it is sent to the lab for analysis, the District Attorney’s Office for court, another agency for comparison or viewed by an attorney or officer it must be carefully tracked to maintain the integrity of the item.

The Evidence Technicians have the responsibility for ensuring accountability of every item at all times. A bar code system and electronic tracking software are used to monitor and track an item’s every move. The integrity of the chain of custody is audited, both formally by outside auditors as well as internal spot inspections.

Office Hours:
Monday- Thursday 7:30am – 5:30pm
Friday 7:30am – 11:30am
Main Number: 972-466-3557

Due to the large number of items we handle each day and the number of requests we receive, we operate by appointment only. We can only release property after the case has been adjudicated or otherwise disposed, if the officer no longer needs the items as evidence in a case, or with a court order. Found property can be released when ownership of lost/abandoned property is established or when the statutory holding requirements have been met. If you are requesting an item to be released please be prepared to establish ownership or verify the statutory requirement as been met.

Is there a database that I can use to keep track of my valuables
? Yes there is a FREE service for Carrollton residents through a company called LEADSONLINE. LeadsOnline provides a system for maintaining secure records of property you own. You may store serial numbers, item descriptions, photos, and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss. This record may also come in handy when reporting any loss to your insurance provider, or local police department. For more information click here and to sign up:

If I find a bicycle and turn it in, can I later claim it? Yes. After 90 days, if no one claims the bicycle, you may call our main number 972-466-3557 to set up an appointment. Please refer to the case or CAD number given by the officer.

If I find and turn in any other property (i.e. money, jewelry, etc.), may I later claim it?
Yes. Except for firearms and illegal items, any other property turned in as found property may be returned to the finder. There is a 90 day waiting period during which the owner may claim lost property. After 90 days has passed the reporting party (finder) may claim the property. You will need to call the main number 972-466-3557, after 90 days, and refer to the CAD or case number given by the officer to verify if we still have the item. The final step is to make an appointment for release of the item (s).

Why must I make an appointment to claim my property? Appointments are scheduled so that a property technician can be made available to handle your case on a one on one basis without interruption. The property technicians may be in court, transporting evidence to a crime lab or may be viewing evidence with an attorney, or investigator. Your appointment ensures we have the item pulled and ready to be released when you arrive.

I have a court order that requires CPD to return my property, why do I still need an appointment?
By law, the Carrollton Police Department is allowed 10 days to return property upon receipt of a court order. This allows the investigating officer to be notified of the order and to determine if the property is still needed for the investigation. The investigator may contact the court and notify a judge why the property should remain in the custody of the Carrollton Police Department. The judge then makes a determination whether the property should be returned or remain in police custody. We will call you and set up the appointment when we have verified the release of your property.

Why does it take so long for me to get my property back?
Property booked in as evidence of a crime is held for 90 days past the date of sentencing or dismissal. If no charges are filed, property is held until the statute of limitations has expired (3 years for most felony cases, 1 year for misdemeanor cases) or the investigator of the case authorizes the release of the property, whichever is sooner. If a firearm is among the items requested, a background investigation must be conducted in order to verify that the legal owner is eligible to possess the weapon. This may be accomplished within one day or, depending on the background of the owner, may require additional paperwork. If the property was taken under a search warrant, a court order is required to release the property.