Property & Evidence Section

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The primary function of this section is to provide for the security and control of all seized, recovered and evidentiary property as well as abandoned, lost or found property. Generally, Texas law governs how property is to be handled, stored, and released.

The property/evidence section handles 15,000-20,000 pieces of property/evidence annually. At the same time, the section is also responsible for maintaining the continued custody of items collected from past cases and the destruction of items in the case of adjudication.

The method of collecting and submitting property is paramount for the successful prosecution of a case. Officers follow guidelines for preparing, labeling and recording property. If it is sent to the lab for analysis, the District Attorney’s Office for court, another agency for comparison or viewed by an attorney or officer it must be carefully tracked to maintain the integrity of the item.

The Evidence Technicians have the responsibility for ensuring accountability of every item at all times. A bar code system and electronic tracking software are used to monitor and track an item’s every move. The integrity of the chain of custody is audited, both formally by outside auditors as well as internal spot inspections.

Office Hours:  Monday- Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm

Main Number: 972-466-3557


Due to the large number of items we handle each day and the number of requests we receive, we operate by appointment only. We can only release property after the case has been adjudicated or otherwise disposed, if the officer no longer needs the items as evidence in a case, or with a court order. Found property can be released when ownership of lost/abandoned property is established or when the statutory holding requirements have been met. If you are requesting an item to be released please be prepared to establish ownership or verify the statutory requirement as been met.