Benefits & Compensation

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 Pay Structure 2022

Incentive Pay

  • Education: All Carrollton Police Officers earn $50 per month for an approved Associate Degree, $100 per month for an approved Bachelors Degree, $150.00 per month for an approved Masters Degree. 
  • Texas Peace Officer Certification: All Carrollton Police Officers earn $50 per month for holding an Intermediate Certificate, $100 per month for holding an Advance Certificate or $150 per month for holding a Master Peace Officer Certificate. 
  • Longevity: $4.00 per month for each year of service to a maximum of $1800 per year.
  • Shift Differential Pay: A payment of an additional $200 will be offered to officers who are assigned to a shift in which more than 50 percent of their time is worked after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. for at least 30 full days. The officer will receive the differential payment on the same schedule as his or her regular pay.

All uniform items including Tasers, encrypted P25 digital radios, and body camera are furnished by the department.

There are eight (8) paid holidays given annually to each employee.

All Carrollton Police Officers earn 120 hours vacation per year until 20 years of service, at which time the vacation accrual increases to 160 hours per year. Vacation days may be used after 6 months of service.

Sick Leave
All Carrollton Police Officers accrue 120 hours of sick leave per year, with unlimited accumulation. Upon retirement or termination, an officer, with greater than five years service, will be paid for a maximum of 960 unused hours sick leave.

All Carrollton Police Officers become eligible for participation in the City insurance programs on the date they are hired.

The City sponsored health insurance is available to officers and dependents. The City offers free access to our wellness clinic, including an annual wellness assessment and flu shots. See the Benefits Section for more complete information.

Each officer is provided dental insurance at low cost. Officers' dependents may be added at additional low cost.

All Police and Detention Officers are provided on-duty workout time as well as access to a departmental wellness team to help them meet their fitness goals in our fully-equipped work-out facility.

Each officer is provided life insurance equal to 2 times their annual salary.

All Carrollton Officers are required to be members of the Texas Municipal Retirement System. The officer contributes 7% and the City matches 2:1. An officer is eligible for retirement benefits at any age with 20 years of service. An officer who terminates prior to retirement is eligible to have all contributions returned. TMRS also provides a life insurance policy equal to one (1) times the annual salary.

State Income Tax
There is no state income tax in Texas.

Deferred Compensation
You may participate in a Deferred Compensation Program to shelter a portion of your gross annual salary from income taxes. If the officer contributes at least 4.65%, the city will match those contributions at 2.35%. The deferred portion will be placed into investment options of the employees choice and may be withdrawn at termination or retirement. Roth IRAs are also available.