Carrollton Police Department’s Victims’ Services Unit

The Carrollton Police Department's Victims Services Unit provides crisis intervention, information and referral to community resources, assistance with Emergency Protective Orders, and help in applying for Crime Victims' Compensation. We do not provide counseling or therapy, but will refer you to a counselor or therapist at your request. Not everything you disclose is confidential since your police report is subject to open records requests. If you disclose intentions to harm yourself or anyone else or if you make disclosures about abuse to a child, disabled person or elderly person, we must make a report to the appropriate regulatory agency. We reserve the right to call any appropriate person or entity to prevent harm to you or to any third party. Decisions to follow up on referrals are up to the victim/witness.

Our goal is to provide assistance for individuals who are victims of violent crime within the City of Carrollton by providing crisis assistance and criminal justice advocacy.



Give information and referral to assistance agencies.

Give legal advice.

Help you apply for Crime Victims’ Compensation.

Give you advice on Child Custody, Visitation, Support or Divorce.

Help you obtain an Emergency Order of Protection if the suspect is under arrest.

Extend an Emergency Protective Order or do a Two Year Protective Order for you.

Help you find placement in a shelter.

Be your spokesperson with other agencies.

Victim Assistance Programs protect the rights of victims and provide services to the survivors of violent crime.  If you are a crime victim, there are laws and assistance programs established which strive to serve you with dignity and compassion.  The Victims' Assistance Unit can help you find ways to meet your needs and better understand your rights as a victim of crime.

Call Moriah Banda at 972-466-3158 for victim assistance.

Other information and referrals are available.


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