90/10 Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program

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The City of Carrollton has initiated a 90/10 Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate financially to expedite sidewalk repairs or replacement of eligible sidewalks. Only sidewalks in single-family neighborhoods, and located on a lot occupied by a single-family home, will be eligible for participation in the program.

City financial participation is limited to removal and replacement of only that portion of the sidewalk parallel to the public street, a standard-width section of sidewalk that connects to the public street, and one standard width panel of lead walk to connect the public sidewalk with the lead walk. The lead walk, which is that portion of the sidewalk which connects the public sidewalk to the house, will be solely the property owner’s responsibility, and will not be eligible for use of 90/10 grant funding.

Repair of damaged irrigation systems, replacement of sod or landscaping, leveling or replacement of soil, etc... which are not the direct result of the sidewalk replacement project are not eligible for program-funded reimbursement.

Full payment from the property owner for their share of the sidewalk replacement will be due upon application approval. A formal performance agreement between the city and property owner will be required to establish the conditions of the engagement.

For sidewalks that meet the criteria for participation, the cost will be dependent on the contract price at the time the formal agreement is submitted.

If you would like to participate in this program, complete the bottom portion of the form and submit form.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the success of the program, qualified proposals should expect delays for sidewalk completion.

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Upon completion of a sidewalk inspection by a City representative, information pertaining to the City of Carrollton sidewalk repair policy and a formal agreement for participation in the Sidewalk Replacement Program will be mailed to the address listed above. 

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