Sidewalk Repair Policy

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sidewalk_01Under the Sidewalk Repair Policy, the city of Carrollton Public Works repairs those sections of sidewalks where city staff is notified of a potentially unsafe condition and determines that a trip hazard exists. A trip hazard is generally defined as a:

*Note: Damages to sidewalks which are the result of vehicular traffic, including driveway approaches, are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

To report an unsafe sidewalk, please call the Resolution Center at 972-466-3425.
Under the program, rehabilitation of water and sewer mains, streets, curbs, sidewalks and alleys will be performed on a neighborhood-wide basis. View capital improvement projects throughout Carrollton.

90/10 Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program

The City of Carrollton has initiated a 90/10 Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate financially to expedite sidewalk repairs or replacement of eligible sidewalks. Only sidewalks in single-family neighborhoods, located on a lot occupied by a single-family home, will be eligible for participation in the program.

If you would like to participate in this program apply online for the 90/10 Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program.