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The City of Carrollton maintains thousands of traffic signs. The Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) serves as a guideline for the installation of the various types of signs. To request information about a particular sign or to discuss the requirements for installation signs, please call us at 972-466-3425.

Multiple traffic signs at the City sign shopRegulatory signs (black, red and/or white) are the stop signs, speed limit signs, and parking signs. These signs are mandated by law to be obeyed. Disobedience of these traffic signs is punishable by a traffic ticket. When these signs are posted within a construction work zone, traffic fines may be doubled. Regulatory signs are installed by TMUTCD guidelines and engineering judgment.

Black and yellow warning signs are installed to warn drivers of a possible unexpected change in driving conditions. Curve ahead, merge signage, divided highway, and dead end signs are various examples of existing warning signs. Warning signs are installed within TMUTCD guidelines and engineering judgment.

Construction signs are orange and black. Most drivers see these signs on a regular basis. These signs can be installed for a short duration such as the repair of a pothole or can be installed for a long duration (i.e. the construction of the President George Bush Turnpike). Contractors who operate within the City of Carrollton are obligated to provide a traffic control plan to the City. This control plan indicates how they intend to handle traffic during their operation and which signs they intend to use. The TMUTCD Part II details the various components of traffic control plans and the various available signs.

Guide signs can be blue and white, brown and white, or green and white. The color of the sign indicates to the driver the content and purpose of the sign.

  • Guide signs made of blue and white are used to tell the driver of general motorist services. These signs indicate the location of food and lodging, rest areas, or hospital care.
  • Green and white guide signs are directional. They provide distances to a location (i.e. Dallas 24 miles), street identification (i.e. Josey Lane and Jackson Road) or exit guidance (i.e. Sandy Lake Drive Next Exit).
  • Brown and white guide signs are used to identify recreational and cultural interest sites. For example, the signs can indicate direction to "Perry Homestead" or "Swimming".

Guide signs are installed after careful consideration to avoid distracting drivers with too many signs. The TMUTCD and engineering judgment are used to determine appropriate guide sign placement.

Fluorescent yellow-green school signs are installed adjacent to educational facilities. These facilities might be an elementary, junior high, or high school. They could also be installed adjacent to a university or an alternative education center. In the past few years, the City of Carrollton has installed the brighter fluorescent yellow-green signage. This special material has a very high reflectivity and has been shown to increase driver awareness - particularly around schools.

To request information about a particular sign or to discuss the requirements for installation of a sign, please contact us.