Kids Conserve Water, Too

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Learn About Water Conservation

Why Save Water?
Water is a precious resource. Even though our water sources in some parts of the country can replenish themselves through precipitation, our changing climate, growing population, and ever-increasing thirst for water threaten these supplies. In fact, from 1950 to 2000, our country’s population doubled, but our demand for water more than tripled. Water efficiency is a way for families to use less water without sacrificing their quality of life. Taking simple steps such as finding and fixing leaks and loo king for the WaterSense label when shopping for plumbing products can make a big difference.

Play the WaterSense Game!
Think you know everything there is to know about water? Play the WaterSense Game! Move the water-efficiency hero Flo through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters.

Use these worksheets to actively learn more about water:

A Day in the Life of a Drop Worksheet #1 - Where does your water come from and where does it go after you use it?

A Day in the Life of a Drop Worksheet #2 - Calculate your family's daily water use!

Drinking Water Maze English                             Drinking Water Maze Spanish

Drinking Water Activity Sheet English                  Drinking Water Activity Sheet Spanish

Simple Ways to Save Water: 
The future of Earth's water resources depends on you! Click here to learn some simple ways to save water.