The Toilet is Not a Trashcan

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Did you know, when you flush your toilet or turn the water on in your house, the resulting wastewater has just started a 20-mile journey to the treatment plant?


Your habits have a direct impact on whether that journey will be uneventful as well as how much it will cost to treat the wastewater once it gets there.



Join the City of Carrollton in its efforts to maintain efficient and properly functioning plumbing throughout the City and residences.

Please remember these common sense rules and the chances of a sewer back up at your house or in your neighborhood will be substantially reduced:

• Never pour liquid grease down the drain (It won’t stay liquid for long!)
• Toilet paper and… (well you know) are the only solids that can be safely flushed down the toilet.

Common items that should NOT be flushed: prohibited items
• Flushable wipes-Click here to learn why
• Baby wipes
• Facial tissue
• Cotton swabs
• Clothing labels
• Paper towels
• Prescription medicines-Learn more about the City's drug disposal program (This link is temporarily unavailable. Please check back for updates. If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 972-466-3425.)
• Cigarette butts
• Sanitary napkins
• Disposable toilet brushes

With your help the wastewater journey will always be a one way trip!