Brush, Bulk Pick-up (Residential Only)

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Service Guidelines

  • Brush and bulk waste (including appliances) is collected weekly on your regular collection day at the street curb in front of the home, not the alley.

  • Brush (tree trimmings, limbs and branches) and bulk waste (items too large for green roll-out containers, including bagged or boxed material). All limbs should be cut into 4ft lengths and placed in bundles not exceeding 40 pounds to fit in a rear-end loader truck.
  • All bulk and brush waste should be generated on the property by the homeowner. Contractor generated waste or waste from another site will not be collected.
  •  Appliances such as stoves and water heaters are collected curbside on customers' regular collection day. There is no additional charge, and customers do not need to call for collection. 

    • Refrigerant-using appliances must be confirmed emptied of the chemical by a certified professional. Check Dallas-area yellow page listings under "Refrigerant Service" for local providers
  • Materials from small home-repair projects should not exceed a 6ft by 4ft neatly stacked pile (about the size of a side by side refrigerator)
  • Loose bulk items should be bagged or boxed and not exceed 50 pounds for safe, manageable collection. Boom Truck size limits are 2,000 lbs/per item and a maximum length of 12 feet
  • Plate glass should be taped corner to corner and side to side, or broken and secured inside a box as loose material above
  • Old railroad ties used for retaining walls are accepted. New railroad ties require a disposal fee at the landfill

Restricted Items

  • Brick, tile, stone and concrete blocks are not accepted for bulk collection
  • Home-repair materials when generated by a contractor
  • Electronics, batteries, household chemicals, paint, automotive fluids and more are handled using the Household Hazardous Waste program, not bulk


  • Bring materials not accepted to the landfill for disposal on approved days
  • Require contractor to remove all project generated debris as a part of their contract
  • Household Hazardous Waste Program

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Correct Brush Placement

 Good placementideal placement-doesnt obstruct wires

Incorrect Brush  Placement

14branches too big-not neatly stacked-too far from curb


Be sure brush/bulk aren't blocked by trees & power lines 

placement is tight but doable -should be closer to curb4



 Bulk Items should weigh less than 50 pounds each and be neatly placed curbside

too heavy - should be in wm container10


Need assistance in managing your brush and bulky waste?

The following services are available by calling the City at 972-466-4950:

  • Order extra green trash carts for grass clippings and small brush (fee may apply).
  • Request pick-up of brush or bulk waste on a day other than the regularly scheduled trash day.