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All meetings of the City Council are open to the public. The public is able to look at the upcoming Council meeting agendas, view meeting minutes from previous meetings, watch Council meetings live, or attend a Council meeting in person.

The public is welcome to speak in support or opposition of an item scheduled on the Council agenda. To speak, an appearance card located at the entrance of the Council Chamber must be completed. Individuals who do not want to speak on an issue, but wish to express their support or opposition, may also submit a card. The cards are submitted to the City Secretary at the council meeting.

Items for consideration by the Council are outlined in the agenda. The sections of this agenda include the consent agenda, resolutions, ordinances, public hearings, other business, and public forum. The consent agenda consists of operation items as well as items previously discussed which can be approved by Council with one vote. Items on the consent agenda may be considered separately if Council wishes to do so.


Carrollton City Council meetings are broadcast on the following channels: 

  • Time Warner Channel 15-1

  • Charter-Channel 10

  • Frontier-Channel 39


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For additional information about agendas or questions regarding Council Meetings, contact the City Secretary here.