Document Definitions

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Not sure what the document you're looking for is called? Review the list below for a description and samples of commonly requested documents in the City of Carrollton.

Commonly Requested Police Department Forms:



 A report written by an officer to document a crime. Offense reports contain all general information such as time, date, location, responding officers, names of people involved, and a description of what happened. Offense reports are generally assigned 10 digit numbers beginning with the year.


 A report written by an officer to document an arrest. Often, an arrest report will also have a corresponding offense report.


These computerized notes are how our dispatchers and officers communicate about the circumstances of a call as it is happening. This is the document you may be looking for if your motor vehicle crash was extremely minor and didn’t require a report, or if your incident did not require documentation in the form of an offense or incident report. Call notes are associated with an incident number, a ten digit number beginning with the year.


This is a State of Texas issued form completed by an officer following a motor vehicle crash.  It contains all driver information, financial responsibility information, date, time, and location of crash, description of what happened, as well as whether any citations were issued or arrests made.  Crash reports are also identified by the above referenced 10 digit incident number.  You can access your crash report through TXDOT at:


Commonly Requested Engineering Documents:


ASBUILTS:  Revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job. They reflect all changes made in the specifications and working drawings during the construction process, and show the exact dimensions geometry, and location of all elements of the work completed under the contract. These are sometimes referred to as record drawings.  The Engineering department receives and maintains the records as they pertain to the infrastructure of the city, such as:

    • Water and Sanitary Sewer Plans
    • Paving Plans
    • Grading Plans
    • Storm Sewer Plans
    • Plat – Key Map of Residential Lots of a subdivision.


Additional Information:


VACANT LAND:  When requesting  site plans related to vacant land, please specify the city infrastructure information (asbuilts) you are looking for if it is adjacent to the property.


PRIVATE PROPERTY: The Engineering Department does not maintain structural building records (blue prints, site plans, electrical, water and sewer lines into the building) as it relates development of private structures.  Any available records would be in Building Inspection.


PLAT:  A map of a subdivision that represents a tract of land, showing the boundaries and location of
individual properties, streets, easements and other pertinent information. After a plat is
approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission it is filed with the appropriate county
clerk and becomes a legal lot of record for which a building permit can be issued.  For additional information about Plats, click here.


CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: If applicable, please list the name of the contractor or company related to the Capital Improvement Project.


COURT DOCUMENTS: Per Section 552.003(1)(B) of the Government Code, judiciary records are excluded from the Public Information Act. Judiciary records includes but is not limited to dispositions, citations, case information, dockets, clearance letters and other court documents. To obtain Carrollton court documents, call Municipal Court at 972-466-3348.

*NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of documents maintained by the City of Carrollton. This list only includes commonly requested documents through Open Records.


If you are an employer wanting to request employment records concerning a former/current City of Carrollton employee, please contact Workforce Services directly at (972) 466-3090 or by email.


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