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Starting October 1, 2021 the City of Carrollton will be collecting fees associated with filing a TABC application. Fees assessed will follow the guidelines provided by TABC for local entities.



 Apply for an Alcoholic Beverage Permit 

Alcohol Beverage Permits are processed through the City Secretary's Office. Once the City Secretary's Office receives the TABC application, the business location will be verified for zoning through the Planning department and then certified by the City Secretary. City permit fees will be due when the certified TABC packet is picked up by the applicant. 

The City has 10 business days after date received to process the TABC application. 

Associated fees will be collected by the City on an annual basis. 

Application Routing: 

  • A fully completed TABC application must be submitted to the City Secretary

  • The Planning & Zoning department will verify zoning and site distances for the location

  • Once verified, the City Secretary will officially approve or deny  and certify the application

  • The appropriate City fees will be collected upon approval of the permit

  • Application will be signed, sealed, and delivered back to the applicant 


To understand the fee breakdown set by TABC, visit the local fees webpage.


City Ordinances passed regarding Alcoholic Beverage Permits. 


Additional Information 

  • If you are holding a Special Event in the City of Carrollton, please ensure all other required permits have been obtained.