Monitoring Companies' Responsibilities

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Alarm System Ordinance Changes –Monitoring Company Responsibilities


The City of Carrollton values the service your company provides our citizens and businesses.


Effective October 1, 2012, the City of Carrollton will implement a new Alarm System Ordinance. Monitoring companies providing service to City of Carrollton (COC) residential and business customers will be required to provide the City detailed information about addition and termination of Carrollton customers. The table below is a summary of the responsibilities; the ordinance can be reviewed here.

Monitoring Co. Action



Ordinance Reference

Provide a current list of clients served

Annually, by December 31

In Excel format. Please email to  Click here for a template of the Monitoring Company Annual Report.

Sec. 110.40 (A) (2) & (3)



Provide new installation and termination notices to the City

Within 3 calendar days of new installation or termination

In Excel format. Please email to  Click here for a template of the Monitoring Company In-Out Report.

Sec. 110.40 (A) (4)



Provide valid permit number to City when reporting active alarms.

Effective October 1, 2012

If no valid permit number can be provided, emergency response could be suspended. Effective 10/1/12 City will assign permit numbers by client and alarm site. Permits cannot be transferred to other clients or alarm sites. New clients must provide you with their unique permit number.

Sec. 110.40 (A) (5)




Provide City a copy of your Q&A or Customer Information packet (checklist)

Annually, by December 31

Via e-mail to Current information regarding the COC ordinance must be included in the Q&A/Information (checklist)

Sec. 110.40 (A) (11)



Review approved checklist with new clients

At new install

Responsibility of Monitoring Co.

Sec. 110.40 (A) (11)


To ensure City of Carrollton emergency services respond to a monitored call, your client must have a valid permit with the City of Carrollton. This is in compliance with Sec. 110.15 (B) of the Carrollton Code of Ordinances. If a valid permit number for your client is not provided, emergency response could be suspended.


The City of Carrollton appreciates your cooperation. We value the services you provide the Citizens of Carrollton and look forward to our continued partnership. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 972/466-3525 or email