Community Event

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You may submit event information for inclusion on our online community calendar if the event is open to the general public, occurs within the city limits of Carrollton, and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Organized or funded by another order of government.
  • Organized by a government-funded agency or board.
  • Organized by a group affiliated with the City of Carrollton.
  • Funded in full, or in part, by the City of Carrollton.
  • Sponsored by the City of Carrollton.
  • Organized by a charitable organization with a registered charitable number and operating within the City of Carrollton.
  • Organized by a service club operating within Carrollton city limits, performing work that benefits the City of Carrollton.
  • Organized by a business improvement area or chamber of commerce within the Carrollton region for general promotional purposes.
  • Located in a facility owned or leased by the City of Carrollton.
  • Located in the City of Carrollton and open to all citizens.

Please note that events will not be published on our calendar if they:

  • Are commercial in nature and, in the city’s sole opinion, are attempting to advertise, promote, or sell products or services of an individual or an individual business.
  • Promote, exhibit, illustrate, or manifest hate or obscene/pornographic/sexual content of any kind.
  • Do not comply with municipal, provincial, or federal legislation.
  • Promote an individual religion or religious service.

Events we deem to be political in nature will not be posted after the writ has been dropped for a federal or provincial election, or after the first day of a municipal election year.

We reserve the right to post, refuse to post, or remove, any event from our online community calendar at any time, without notice.

Please note that we will try to approve or deny postings within 48-72 hours, so check back after that time to see if your event has been posted. You will not be notified directly when a decision has been made.

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