R.E. (Griff) Griffy

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U.S. Air Force

Name: R.E. (Griff) Griffey

Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Interesting Home State History: Indian Territory became a state in 1907. I knew a gunfighter,
"Pistol Pete" Frank Eaton who had rode for " The Hanging Judge", Judge Parker who had sole jurisdiction over the Indian Territory. That was the only court in U.S. history from which there was no appeal. If he said you hung, you hung. John Wayne even made a movie on it.

Place of Recruitment: Enlisted under quota of the Apache Indian Reservation in Lawton, OK.

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

Class: Retired Officer

Military Occupation: Air Force meteorologist attached at various times to the Navy
(Pacific Secret War Command Post, Kunia Tunnel) in Hawaii. Attached to the Special Forces (Green Berets)
with the Expeditionary Force Vietnam, only 200 of us outside if Saigon, Dec. 1963 thru Jan. 1965.
Enlisted 1957, became Officer (regular - only 6% of all Officers) in 1960, got out in 1966