Palmer Arnold

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U.S. Army

ArnoldName: Palmer Arnold

Place of Birth: Curtis, Arkansas

Personal History: 4 brothers; 5 sisters; married in 1952; 4 boys and 1 girl

Place of Recruitment: Arkadephia, Arkansas (19 years old)

Branch of Service: U.S. Army 1952 – 1954

Military Occupation: Vehicle Operator

Class: Private

Service History, Stateside or Abroad: 1952 – Basic training in Virginia. I was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, at Fort Sam Houston for the duration of my service. I drove vehicles for the Medical Corps. I was discharged in 1954.

Honors & Commendations: Good Conduct Medal

Present Location: Carrollton, Texas. I am a resident of the Atria, Carrollton.