Johnson, LW

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U.S. Army

Name: LW “Bubba” Johnson

Place of Birth: City: Longview, Texas

Personal History: Democratic precinct (200) Chairman and Election Judge – Denton County. Taught Pre-K through 6th grade in Dallas Independent School District (Anne Frank and E.D. Walker Middle Schools). Member of the Texas Forestry Association (as East Texas Pine Tree Farmer). Veteran Volunteer Speaker

Place of Recruitment: Shreveport, Louisiana (Voluntary Enlistment)

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Military Occupation: Vietnam, Korea, Germany GS Civilian in Berlin (1986-1989) standing at Brandenburg Gate-Berlin when President Regan made famous speech “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall” months later the wall came down.

Interesting Service History, Stateside or Abroad: From June 1962 to 1 July, 1982
Entered service as Private – 1962 (highest enlisted rank Sergeant First Class (SFC)) Commissioned Second Lieutenant (2LT) Infantry (USAR) Infantry Officer Candidate School – Ft. Benning, GA 14 April 1966.
25 August 1966 – 19 September 1967 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division, 2/327th Infantry (Vietnam)
27 October 1967 – 22 November 1968 – Staff Officer – United States Army Primary Helicopter Center/School Fort Wolters, TX (Mineral Wells, TX)
25 November 1968 – 12 April 1969 – Student Officer – Helicopter Training
17 April 1969 – 12 August 1969 – Advanced Helicopter Training, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia
22 March 1971 – 26 July 1971 Fixed Wing Pilot training – Wilson Flight Training Center – Fairfax Airport – Kansas City, Kansas

Commendations & Honors: Soldiers Medal for Heroism, Army Commendation for Valor, Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge, Good Conduct Ribbon, National Service Medal, Aviators Badge, Parachutist Badge, Presidential Unit Citation Overseas Service Ribbons, Combat Service Bars

Military Career:
Field Artillery:
    Survey, Fire Direction, Fire Support, Liaison, fire Adjustment Nuclear Weapons Suriety Team
    Small Unit Commander (combat)
Nuclear Weapons Officer
    Aviation Unit Commander (Korea), VIP Mission Pilot

Countries served in and/or traveled: Germany, Korea, Japan, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, England, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sylt, Romania, Malaysia, Turkey