James D. Staley

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U.S. Army

James Staley ArmyName: James D. Staley

Place of Birth: Willow Branch, Indiana - Population 55 – Farm Area (corn, soy bean, etc.)

Personal History(School/Family): Castle High School;, New Castle, Indiana; Married – 1 son (Steve). I am a 4th cousin to the famous Air Force General, Jimmy Doolittle.

Place of Recruitment: Indianapolis, Indiana (Drafted)

Branch of Service: US Army - 12/02/1942 – 10/05/1945 WWII

Class: Corporal

Military Occupation Service(s): Aviation – 804 Aviation Engineering

Service History,Stateside or Abroad:
12/42 – Basic training at Fort Belville, Virginia for 12 weeks. Thereafter, I was transferred to Honolulu, Hawaii. I ran heavy equipments (cats, bulldozers, James Staley US Armyrollers, graters, etc.). I later was transferred to Mariana Islands, Gilbert Island and Baker Island by two vessels, where we built air fields for the military during WWII. I was discharged on December 5, 1945. I returned to Indiana and worked for the Allison Motors (Division of General Motors) for 34 years, as a Foreman. I retired in 1979. After retirement, I sort of settled down and enjoyed life with my family. I also enjoyed going to and watching the Indianapolis Colts, Notre Dame Football and Indiana Basketball games. On October 8, 2010, I moved to Carrollton and lived with my son, Steve. Afterward, I moved to Atria-Carrollton, Senior Retirement Community. My advice to the younger kids is that “Work and life does not come easy.” “You have to earn it.”

Honors & Commendations: Good Conduct Medal

Present Location: Carrollton, Texas . I am now a resident of the Atria, Carrollton.