Bill Boehm

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U.S. Navy

Name: Bill Boehm

Place of Birth: Lawton, Iowa

Personal History: Graduated from Kingsley Public School, Iowa (1940); Mother & Dad (Germans), 4 brothers and 1 sister wife (deceased) remarried (4 boys & 1 girl) plus 2 Foster Daughters, 20 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren, Languages spoken: German & Polish. The best road out of Kingsley was a gravel road that lead to Remsen, Iowa. There was not that much entertainment because we were in depression. There were silent movies i.e. Charlie Chaplin & Harold Lloyd. The movies later became the talkative movies.

Place of Recruitment: Sioux City, Iowa (18 years old)

Branch of Service: US Navy - 1940 – 1947 (WWII Era)

Class: 2nd Class Petty Officer

Military Occupation: Aviation Machinist

Service History, Stateside or Abroad: Duty Stations October 1940 – Basic training Great Lakes, Pensacola, Florida (Main Base, Corry & Whiting Fields); 1943 Flight training at Grinnell College, Iowa,; 1944 Flight training at University of Wyoming and St. Mary's College, California. In 1945 became an Assembly Repairman at Alameda and Oakland Airports. Other duties were Link Instructor, Aviation Machinist Aerial Free Gunnery, A&R Shops, more Flight Training and Parachute Loft. I was ready for overseas service, but, unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go. I enjoyed being in the military. I received an Honorable discharged in 1947 and returned to Kingsley, Iowa where I worked for the Illinois Central R.R. in various communities throughout Iowa & Illinois for 21 years. I also worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer for Nuclear Core Structural of Rockford, IL for 13 years in Naval Nuclear Department (Power unit components for Subs, Aircraft carrier and Destroyers. In 1983, the family relocated to Carrollton, Texas. I worked for Fourtek, Inc. for 2 & 1/2 years (heat treat furnace manufacturers). And finally, in 1984, I worked as a Bookkeeper (accountant) for Master Panel, Inc & Mastercom, Inc. of Lewisville, Texas for 3 & ½ years . At the time I resided in The Colony, Texas.

Commendations & Honors: Good Conduct Medal

Present Location: Carrollton, Texas. I am now a resident of the Corinthian Retirement Community (Carrollton, Texas).