George E. McCally

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U.S. Navy

Name: George E. McCally

Place of Birth: McKinney, TX

Place of Recruitment: Austin, TX

Branch of Service: Navy

Service History, Stateside or Abroad: From February 1970 to February 1976
This was the first Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) nuclear submarine in the US Navy. Submarines are called boats, while ships are the surface fleet. I served during the last years before this boat was decommissioned. We were the oldest and in need or more to the crew as the “first and the worst.” FBM submarines have two crews, known as the Gold Crew and the Blue Crew. I was on the Blue Crew. My rank was ETN2, Electronic Technician 2nd class. I served as Navigation Center Supervisor. The mission of our FBM fleet is to go into the deep ocean and remain, undetected, always remain silent.

Commendations & Honors: Marksman, Service during the Vietnam Era, Good Conduct

Present Location: Plano, Texas