Morgan Millican

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U.S. Navy

Name: Morgan Millican
Place of Birth: El Paso, Texas
Personal History(School/Family):Graduated Amarillo H.S.; 1 brother, James; Married( 4 children)

Place of Recruitment: Dallas., Texas
Branch of Service: US Navy (1942 – 1947)
Reserve Navy (1948-1965)
Military Occupation Service(s): Pilot
Class: Commander

Service History,Stateside or Abroad(list dates):
Basic training was done at the University of Texas (Austin) for pilot flying. At the University of Houston, I did solo flying. Then more booking learning at the Naval Base in Monterrey, California. At the base in Norman, Oklahoma, I got to fly the plane at lot. In between my military duty, I got married. I did not go overseas; however, I was part of the team of Hurricane Hunter Squadron. From Miami, Florida, I flew over Puerto Rico and other areas flying hurricane duties. I was separated from active duty in 1947 and started my reserved duty, in El Paso, Texas until 1965. Thereafter, I retirement. I went to work for the Air Traffic Controller, in El Paso, Texas. I later moved to Dallas, Texas, during the same job. I stayed in Dallas for awhile after retiring. Then I moved to Yokaman, Texas, my spouse hometown. Years later I moved to Carrollton, Texas, at Atria, Carrollton.

Recommendations: Medal,Ribbons,Commendation,etc.
Good Conduct Medal

Present Location: Carrollton, Texas . I am a resident of the Atria, Carrollton. My children lives in Dallas.

Millican, Morgan