Robert R. Sponhour

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U.S. Navy

Name: Robert R. Sponhour

Place of Birth: Canton, Ohio

Personal History: Two sisters; married to Doris; two children (1 girl & 1 boy)

Place of Recruitment: Great Lake, Illinois

Branch of Service: US Navy - 1943 – 1947

Military Occupation: Chief Yeoman

Service History, Stateside or Abroad: After basic training, my duty was to go on ships and set up offices (battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines). I was in Alaska and South Pacific. I was discharged in 1947 and went into the sales business in Oak Park, Illinois. In 1951, I moved to Inkster, Michigan and later on to Carrollton, Texas.
Sponhour Doris
My wife, Doris Sponhour, worked (Home Front) for the U.S. Navy for 5 1/2 years (Seattle, Washington, 13 Naval District, San Francisco, California, Corpus Christi, Texas and Forest Park, Illinois).

Commendations & Honors: Good Conduct Medal; Navy Medals

Present Location: Carrollton, Texas. I am now a resident of the Atria, Carrollton and my son, David, lives here.