Eric Stromberg

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U.S. Navy

Name: Eric C. Stromberg

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.

Place of Recruitment: Dallas, TX

Branch of Service: Navy & Army

Class: Midshipman E4

Service History, Stateside or Abroad: Army, Oct. 1968 To August 1970
Went to college with a Navy ROTC scholarship but didn’t maintain my grades. Perhaps that was just as well. After my Freshman year, I had a summer cruise where I spent too much time at the rail (seasick). After I got my B.S. in physics, I was drafted and eventually sent to White Sands Missile Range to test the effects of nuclear radiation on electronics. I was an “engineer in green clothes” for 1 ½ years. My credited reserve time from NROTC allowed me to live on post with my wife. After an “early out” I finished my M.S. using the G.I. Bill.

Present Location: Dallas, TX