Veterans "In Memoriam"

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Name Branch of Service Military Occupation/Class
James Anderson                US Army                        ---
Palmer Arnold US Army ---
Lige E. Balceszak US Air Force ---
Glenn Barfield    US Navy Radar
Rob Bauman US Marine Corps Sergeant
Everett Bennett US Army Sergeant
Moe Bertcher         US Air Force ---
Edward Bosko US Air Force Captain
Ken Brandenburg US Navy Seaman 1st Class
Paul Buhler US Marine Corps Corporal
Keenan Cartsen                 US Air Force ---
Ross Coker US Army ---
John D. Crane  US Air Force Master Sergeant
William Falls US Navy Radar Specialist/1st Class
Pete George     US Marine Corps ---
Barney Hardigree     US Air Force     ---
John Jaeger US Marine Corps Corporal
Marvin Kummer US Army ---
Alfred Lagman    US Navy ---
Archie Martin     US Air Force ---
Albert McKay US Army Technical/Sergeant
Alton McLean US Air Force Private
John A. Nichols             US Air Force Technical Sergeant
Glenn Morrison US Navy Lieutenant Colonel
Joe Morse US Army Sergeant
Joseph (Joe) Parker     US Marine Corps Captain/Bomb Disposal Officer
Arnold Pluff US Air Force Radio Operator
James Robinson US Air Force ---
Leonard Robinson US Army Corporal/Machine Gunnery
Frederick Russe US Navy Commander
Carl Sanders Jr. US Air Force Fabrication Branch Chief
Leslie Savage US Army Corps Staff Sergeant/Electrician
Tom Sheridan     US Navy Ensign/Pilot
Cecil Showers             US Army Corps Corporal/Infantry
Max Stilger US Navy     Seaman 1st Class
James Webb US Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant
John Wilford       US Army Air Corps ---
Clifton Willis US Army